Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We had a cookout last night for our Monday Night Football friends and decided to try out the little outdoor fire pit for s'mores.
Addie and Vivi loved them!
We needed a little adult supervision! Hmm, is that marshmallow burned enough to our liking?
Mary Catherine and her fiery marshmallow!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bowling is NOT our Forte

Oh, what a sad face. Addie was so excited about Connor's bowling party, and then realized that she would have to bowl with bowling balls. I'm not sure exactly what her objections were, but they started with not wanting to put on the ugly shoes (a girl after my own heart) and ended with a complaint of the ball being too heavy. Oh well, we'll try it again in a few years!
Here's Connor and Addie together. Connor is in her class at school, and Addie informed me the other day that he'd been her boyfriend for "at least 6 months". I'm not sure Connor agrees with that statement... We found something fun to do at the bowling alley - the arcade!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Swimming with the Millers

I had to put this picture in of Lainey and Addie after swimming. I thought it was so cute of the two of them.

Jenna's Birthday Party

Here are some pictures from my niece Jenna's 2nd birthday party. She turned two and had a JoJo's circus birthday party at her house in Moulton.
Emme and Addie loved this little pink jeep and rode in it all night. Addie has never wanted to ride in these types of cars before, so I was surprised she tried it. But once she tried it, she loved it!
Sawyer loved being in the swing! Marlo had gone to the Alabama game so wasn't there for the party. She and the kids flew back to Texas on Monday. We were sad to see them go!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our Family Trip to Seacrest Beach

Braving Hurricane Gustav, we decided to go ahead with our trip to Seacrest Beach. I'm glad we did, what perfect weather! Thankfully where we were staying on 30-A got missed altogether by the Hurricane. Unfortunately my brother-in-law, Travis, was unable to come from Dallas due to his work schedule, but Marlo and the kids flew into Birmingham and drove down with my parents. And my brother Brent and sister-in-law Monica were able to come for the beginning of the week. If you've never stayed at Seacrest Beach resort you should check it out. It is such a beautiful spot, and it has an unbelievable 12,000 square foot pool on the property. If you are interested in renting the 4 BD, 3 1/2 BA house we stayed in, the web address is http://www.vrbo.com/69175">www.vrbo.com/69175
Here's some pictures of us enjoying dinner at the Red Bar in Grayton Beach. We were fortunate to get in without a wait. I think that's a first for us!

More Red Bar pictures - sorry about the quality. Because the lights are all red in there, it made my camera do something funny.
Here's Addie and Emme playing possum at Seaside in the shopping area.
Addie running around at Seaside in the amphitheatre. Seaside is one of my absolute favorite places to stay at the beach!
Jeremy and Addie along with Brent and Jenna at Pier Park in Panama City. This area was only about a 10 minute drive from Seacrest Beach. Monica loves the Back Porch, so we went to eat there. After dinner Emme had to use the potty so Marlo took her in there. There was some lady "doing #2" in there, and Emme is very sensitive to smells! She threw up all in the bathroom because the smell gagged her! The lady came out and apologized profusely. Addie and I had just walked in there during the whole ordeal and I felt so bad for the lady. Then Addie refused to go into the bathroom because she had seen Emme throw up. We had to book it back to our house! You never know what's going to happen with these kids!
Watermelon time!

Mom brought a recipe for watermelon mojitos that she clipped out of a magazine. We had a fresh watermelon, so we went for it. You can see it in the glass that Marlo's holding. It was a great summertime drink!
Here's Addie and Emme enjoying dinner at the Old Florida Fish House. I had some great sushi there! There is a full sushi bar but you can only order from a small sushi menu if you are eating in the dining room.

Sawyer decided he'd pass on the sushi!
We decided after dinner to ride down to Rosemary Beach to enjoy their nice playground. Unfortunately the mosquitos were out and we had to leave early.

Marlo and Sawyer - Sawyer is 17 months old. What a big boy! Relaxing with my dad as the kids play at the playground at Rosemary Beach.
After a hot day at the pool, what's better than a push-up? How about sharing one with cousins?

We decided we better remove most of the clothes before we got out the push-ups!

We finally went to the beach the last day we were there. Even though we didn't get the hurricane rain, the winds pushed the surf high and our beach was pretty much non-existent for the first part of the trip. Thank goodness we had that big pool! Here's Mim with Addie and Emme:

We had way too much fun and were all pooped out by the end of the trip. Poor Sawyer couldn't even hold his head up!