Saturday, August 16, 2008

Addie Lu's 4th Birthday Party

We had Addie's 4th "friend" birthday party at the club. She wanted a Little Mermaid party, so I found a mermaid to come to her party! Hannah is from Moulton, and has been a mermaid at several parties. Isn't she beautiful? You can't see it in the picture, but her dress has a tail! Anyway, all the kids were asking her questions like she was truly Ariel. I thought it was funny that one little girl asked her why she had a tail AND legs. Too funny!
Here's Addie's birthday cake. I got brave this year and made the cake myself. It ended up being a lot larger than I thought, and Jeremy had to cover a wave board with foil to have something large enough to put it on. I thought it turned out cute, but more importantly, it tasted good!
Here I am cutting the cake for the kids. I'm glad the cake was so big, we only had a little bit left!
Addie didn't want to take time out from swimming to open her presents, but I finally enticed her up to the present pile. Thanks to everyone for such cute gifts!
Danny loves his pink float and Jeremy wishes he had one too!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Addie Lu's School Birthdy Party

I had a little party for Addie at Decatur Heritage.
Here's Addie and her class. She really likes her new teacher, Mrs. Hendriks. There are a lot of kids in her class from the 3 year program, and also several new friends.
Top Row (L-R): Thomas, Brian, Mary Peyton, Avery, Lauren Grace, Nicholas S., and Mrs. Hendriks
Bottom Row (L-R): Synclair, Nicholas T., Addie Lu, Bonnie Madison, Connor, and Kiley Grace

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Fun for Addie's Birthday

We always have a family birthday party for Addie at our house and both families come over for dinner. We have lots of family fun!
Here's Jeremy's dad, Rickey, on the left, with his granddad, Wayne, and uncle, Randy. I thought this was a cute picture of the three of them. Rickey's actually giving Wayne a kiss!
Addie HAS to wear her goggles when she's in the pool!
This is Jeremy's mom, Denise, and his grandmom, Leasle.
Marly and Jeremy's aunt, Donna
My brother was the only man who was man enough to shed the shirt and get in the pool!
Addie with her cupcakes I made her. They are pink lemonade flavored and supposed to look like little drinks with straws. I think my theme was lost in translation a little bit! No one seemed to get why I had put the little straws in there. But I thought they were cute!
Addie with our friends Ann and Jon. They are close family friends of ours and distant relations. Mom, Addie, and I are going with them to Disney World in December.
Here she is opening up some of her gifts.
She loved the pom-pom's Jeremy's grandmother gave her!
Marlo and Travis sent a "Hannah Montana" wig for her. She really looks funny with blond hair!
She also got a Hannah Montana guitar. She is sharing with Jeremy's cousin, Bryant Reece.
We finished up with sparklers out by the pool. I think Addie had a wonderful birthday!